A Better Update on shareasale datafeed plugin

Its been a hectic week and a lot of hiccups in office.I couldn’t  get enough time to work on the shareasale datafeed plugin (speedfeedr) further.It was a working day unofficially though and I successfully finished all my work within the time available.And I really wanted to update the plugin since the feedback’s were really pointing to the performance and error handling failures in my plugin.

The amount of time the plugin runs is long and also it fails to load if the number of records are in thousands failing with the message “Timeout exceeded max allowed 30sec”.Whatever, I fixed it now.The better thing is now it loads the data even if the data is in hundreds , thousands or whatever.The only thing is you will not know that its loading the records from the file though.After the amount of time I have set in the plugin, it responds saying File Uploaded, and the plus point is in the backend, it keeps on inserting the records from the file until every record is inserted into wordpress tables.

This has been a major breakthrough in  my developing skills, that too with Zero PHP knowledge I’m still coding wordpress plugin. As a matter of fact I’ve stopped working on the ShopNJam project yet since I subscribed to datafeedr , but still I think I will make it live sometime later once I plan to integrate them into mainstream.

Also it had been a long time since I thought of changing my theme, and I think its the right time to give myself a birthday present on 23rd Dec to work on a new wordpress theme from a free PSD I got from a friendly blogger.