Building Affiliate Store in-n-out of wordpress

Yikes Is building an affiliate store is as easy as cake ? If you think so then its totally wrong.  Now its time to provide you with a peep into my new Affiliate Store plugin Shop-N-Jam.Well I have been exploring various options of building a nice looking affiliate store using the readily available themes for wordpress, readily available plugins for loading affiliate network datafeeds and also banners and some other feeds.

But whatever you do , until you are satisfied with the look and feel of the site you build, you are not a winner.For a go I wanted to build a affiliate store for mobile phones to match with the look and feel of e2s shop, but nowhere near that.I may be good at programming, but when it comes to the listing of products and linking it to the affiliate URL, its really an art.

When you see that most of the affiliate stores built using datafeedr have grid/list format for listing products.Normally wordpress gives you the option of excerpt listing of products.If you have normal posts for SEO and products both in the same wp_posts tables then it makes the task difficult for listing them in a combination unless the custom values are stored seperately. (My Plugin SpeedFeedr works on this principle). Well I wanted to seperate the data completely from wordpress tables and came with an idea of using a readily available affiliate datefeed script which is not free though.

An upcoming version of Affiliate Storefront for WordPress : i.e Shop-N-Jam can be found at