Following Web Trends in INDIA

Well lastweek I came across a blog which nicely explained the effect of being overloaded with Information and Information Overload.Actually Overloaded with Information and Information Overload are two diffferent things together to be clear.Analysing the fact about both I was confirmed that I was on Information Overload symptoms in my case of IM.

Forgetting those scenarios, I was actually trying to track the internet trends in India on a weekly basis since 2-3 weeks and found that how drastically the change happens from one week to another in India.For first week the trend was completely on the Karnataka Reddy Issue and soon after that the trends started growing strong towards prime minister’s visit to obama.Again this week since there is a commotion going on due to the CAT 2009 exam server failures,and lovely shetty’s wedding, all the news point a highrise in trend meter in those news.

Being an Indian I can clearly say that the mindset of millions of Indians cannot be measured with the internet trend as its normally measured for Americans and Other European countries where the lifestyle is far more different than ours. I’m not saying that we  eat rice and the play dice for the same thing and for the same time, but the high level of difference in lifestyles,cost of living, and also the issues of politics,celebrity,corporate which play a very miniscule role in case of Indian lifestyle matters.

Ok Coming to web trends, we need to notice that most of the cases the large number of Indians search for something which does not go down in trend meter, well what is that, Entertainment?Education? no its more about Kate Winslet.

What one movie Titanic had made the minds of the millions of Indians mad about her I don’t know, that too neither Katrina, nor kareena but Kate.Sorry even though I’m single, I’m not ready to fall for a lady elder than me, lest her be from heavens.