Sharepress : WordPress Datafeeder Plugin

It is a known fact that every working person on this earth want to find a everlasting income source to fund his life and an never ending time to enjoy with his kith and kins. Well nothing to hide even me too have been trying to do that since 2 years.

I have been working as a software programmer in an MNC and still doing the same. I have been associated with Internet for a long time , and was least informed about making money on internet until I visited a money makers blog two years back. There are different wasy to make money online that too which form a secondary source of income if you are working.Everybody wants a second source to my best knowledge.

Well most of the wasy to make money doesn’t come cheap and are not considered to be the best way. Like investing in GPT,high yield programs all tend to die down once the user gets too greedy or if the service is faulty or scamming.

The most affordable business to build is the affiliate marketing shops for a normal laid-back person.

I say laid-back because its a lazy mans work building a website with a cheap domain name, setting up the blog or shop theme onto that and setting up datafeed, everything can be done as damn cheap as with some $50 within an hour.

So how do we setup a blog with product datafeeds running day and night within an hour?. As a matter of facts all the shops out there whether its Topshops, GAP, Adidas or Nike, CompUSA or Newegg, all the sites have a collaboration with few companies who are called Affiliate Networks, which in turn take the list of products sold by those companies and provide internet url links to those products directing to the companies websites.

One of the Affiliate network being ‘Shareasale’ which I focus on from here on.

Say If Nike has collaboration with Shareasale network, then shareasale will list Nike in its list of affiliate merchants.

Any person interested to make money can signup with the network and download the set of links from the network for a merchant (Nike) and post those links over the internet , whether it may be in his blog or any ad networks.

If any visitor to his blog clicks on that link and goes to the merchant site (Nike) and buys the product, then the person who posted the link will be paid a % of Amount of the cost of the product as commision.

So how much cost and effort is involved in doing this?? I say its nothing when compared to the effort we software programmers put in our office from 9AM to 6 PM? 8PM? 10PM? 2AM?, well nothing counts here, its just a matter of time until somebody starts going through your site to buy a product.

Somebody has a question here as to why it would cost $50 where as to setup a domain name itself will cost only $9 and hosting accounts are also required to setup a blog. I say there are thousands of hostings which provide web space as low as $12-$20 per year, so it comes around $21-$29, then what about remaining amount?. Simple just buy a best theme for wordpress at for good looking blog design.I say themeforest since most of the themes are available at cheap rates less than $25 and are really best ones out there for novice bloggers.

OK now you are done setting up the blog on your host, (I’m not gonna tell you how to setup a blog since once you buy a domain and a hosting account, you can do it simply by logging to ur hosting cpanel and using Fantastico installer available there).The next task is setting up a datafeed to feed the data.

Well its simple signup to shareasale here and check what shop/merchant you want to look into ? I normally take the best performing one with Auto approve option. There are numerous merchants on shareasale who approve automatically if you join the program. After doing that go to datafeeds link and download the datafeed zip file for the merchant .

Now comes the spark, how to feed the data to your wordpress??

SharepressWP is  a free datafeed plugin for wordpress which performs the action of creating individual posts from each product link from the shareasale merchant datafeed file.

The plugin accepts zip file and extracts the zip file and posts the product as post in the wordpress.Its as simple as uploading a zip file in the wordpress plugin manager.

Its free of course but there is a catch and a condition ??

Catch is : You get it free of cost. Yes after all you have spent a whole lot of $50 to setup your blog and hosting, why should I too be a burden on you after giving you a sweet advice.

Condition is : You cannot share, redistribute , modify , reuse , copy , replace, or provide direct downloads of my plugin on your site or anywhere else. Well its not a order but a request.

One single step for you is one giant leap in your marketing skills.