A Ridiculous Offer : Free Motorola DROID Phone

Although I do not have enough pennies to promote PPC ads over google or facebook, I thought OK let me try something which is cooking new in my favourite network , PEERFLY.
I love peerfly for only reason that interface is too good.Also that the font’s are bold and colors are dark too.My thoughts are also ridiculous for an extent when it comes to affilite networks.
I came across the headline when I logged into the entwork saying, ‘ Hurry up there is a new offer rising up in EPC ‘ or something like that.
I suddenly clicked on the offers list and found that one offer highlighted by the network manager, so called Free Motorola DROID Phone offer.
Ok to my astonishment what was there to see ??

1. No Image of a single Phone,leave motorola not even a ola.
2. Not supported through PPC, Media,Display.
3. No Brokering — What is this?? Sorry I’m still new, if you know this already.
4. No Incent -OK

Then How am I supposed to promote this offer ? By Phone ?? sorry That too an Android phone would be better.

Well anyone can check what is this all about at Free Motorola DROID Phone