Creating a Magento Affiliate Store : A Trial-Err

It had been 2 long weeks and 4 continuous days I have been working on my website to setup an affiliate shop using Magento and my own customized theme to suit my needs.

I had put lot of effort in developing the site,customizing the theme,recoding the entire SASMagento affiliate datafeed loader to load the data from shareasale txt file to the magento site.

I thought that I can easily setup and forget and everything works fine as times passes on, but in the first day of going live itself the site bombed, agree that it was my mistake setting up the SEO rewrite server URL’s for the site to true, but I never expected the site to bomb completely and go haywire. One more thing was the site was running too slow and it would take hours together to load about 1000 records into magento.

Now I see that why wordpress is better a script for anything.I underline main differences and adaptable features of the both with reference to setting up a affiliate store.

WordPress Magento Affilistore
1 Easy to install Easy to Install Easy to install
2 2MB with complete setup 120-200MB with complete setup 20-30MB with all
3 80% of plugins are free 40% free No plugins
4 Datafeed plugins available Not available- custom Inbuilt
5 No ecommerce theme 10-20 Free themes and others expensive (40$ – 250$) Only few themes 2-4 in total(abt 30$)
6 Time taken to load 1k Records-10-40seconds Time taken to load 1k Records- 4 Hrs 1K records – 10-40 seconds
7 Configurable – Datafeed fields can be easily added to a post’s meta data Configurable – All other fields of datafeed need to be configured as attributes and assigned to set Inbuilt
8 SEO – as usual to a blog SEO – highly error prone As usual
9 Sitemap generation – can be automated Sitemap – automated but error prone Automatic
10 Effort required for success – 10-25hrs Effort required for success – 200-400 hrs

Effort required for success – 50-150hrs