Finally A Magento Shareasale Datafeed ! download now :-)

Magento is a sophisticated ecommerce shop script which provides an opensource library to override any inner configuration to create a online shop.

I have been working  on one of my affiliate shop setups and always was confused to choose a best script to load all my shareasale affiliate datafeed files, but one or theother problems cropped up.

There are both advantages and disadvantages involved in a shop setup.Wordpress provides nice script cofigurable but there are not good ecommerce themes available readily configured and also no free datafeeder scripts available for shareasale.Magento provides a complex package which is nearly difficult to understand for a layman , but there are nice shop themes available which can be modified but with a little difficulty too.

I was nearly successful in rigging up the old script to make it compatible with the new Magento library. I had almost forgotten how to configure the script to work with magento, but thanks to my mom for giving me a cup of coffee at the right time.

But still wordpress rulez, just because there is a Plugin in the pipeline for shareasale, compatible with Shopperpress.

I’m planning to release my plugin soon with proper tutorial and hence removing the earlier incomplete scripts added.

Now coming to the Magento Shareasale datafeed script, I have put up a nice video here .

Moreover signup to get the free script and start creating nice Magento Shareasale Affiliate shops.

00000h its too big , take your own time watching it BIG