Unique WordPress Theme

Have been working on  my next psd2html  project “HolyPillow”,another Premium PSD template from PSDthemes. Its really fun to design html templates from PSD .Actually I was reluctant to sit and code for a long time due to the frustation engulfed within because of the office work.

Everytime I setup my blog, I have been searching for a new theme unique to my blog. I had even tried ripping some better designs but again cursed myself doing that.

There are good designs as that of tylers,chows and ian’s and also coop’s too. Its all in the mindset that since they are successful people we think that theirblog designs are better than ours, but may be not. When I look at my blog, recently I had put up a downloaded wordpress theme, but better removed it due to license issues if may crop up.Better to be on the safer side than to meddle with people’s talent.

Now again this blog is with some free template until I design my own theme from one of the PSDtheme PSD templates.

Untill then I have to keep up with this free theme from wordpress.