Corporate Mailing Etiquettes

Well, it is obvious that in a professional environment while working with highly educated individuals, it makes sense to maintain a proper ethical etiquette
in writing mails to a colleague ,either a manager or a sub-ordinate.
To start with , I was trained in Neuro Linguistic program while I was working in  wipro technologies during 2002-03.Eventhough it was just for two days, it was more than enough for a fresh learning mind to imbibe the  qualities within. I had followed the best I learnt throughout and tried to spread the same knowledge during my last 6 years in my career.

During the mean time , I came across many Managers, sub-ordinates who are well educated but nearly lack the ethical qualities for communication. Although the people are Managing teams of 10’s to 100’s, or Developers who are recognised often with quality coding and team work, the minimum requirement of mailing etiquette was found to be missing.

Normally companies do emphasize on communication improvement and for my astonishment, Managers mistake them to be only vocal communication but not written.
This degradation in the requirement analysis and management started nearly in the year 2006-07 when I moved from Onsite to offshore for starting a new project IGMS R4. I had been analysing various aspects of this degradation and found out that main reason of the degradation of Mailing etiquette being “taking granted for”.

If a person is friendly enough to be taken for granted, managers and colleagues (only few cunning ones) take this as advantage and start using them.