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I have been running a secret campaign for a client for ElloInc (My Ad Agency) and the payout is usually high for that offer as I bargained a lot with the offer payouts when discussing the payments.So It is a must and should that my campaign should perform well with the ads and should have atleast a CTR of 10% for each ad created as per my app-campaign strategy. I have been observing the campaign day and night to achieve the campaign and found that the IOS versions are playing an Important role in the campaign. Most of my ad clickers are from the latest OS versions of IOS.   I first tried to classify the results based on the Model conversions, and found that the IPhone and IPad are [...]


I setup the 6 Sexy offers just yesterday with Avazu and now I have enough data to optimize the traffic for bigger conversions, thats what everyone thinks, but its not the case. First and foremost thing when you setup campaign is to setup your tracker perfectly, else all your efforts go in vain and you will be in dark. It applies not only for mobile but also web and desktop cpa offers. In my history I had never tried setting up tracker when I was doing web/desktop offers, and I never succeeded, and eventually always whenever I earned some money I turned towards Forex trading to make my money back. But now after learning how to setup the Tracker, I have setup on Voluum all the offers I am promoting [...]


Well as the title says, I planned to do a Open Campaign so that all the hungry sharks out there get their prey when they do search on google. By all means necessary anybody can take the offer, or similar offer that I'm promoting and run it on their own adnetwork. Usually I am fedup with the people on all those forums,blogs proudly bragging about their earnings, looking down on newcomers, hiding their traffic sources, and those who make nasty comments, and I really hate those who just dont give out much details to the crowd, bluffing that it would increase the competiton. In my view, as I have already seen through all the acts of affiliate networks, I'm least worried as the amount of traffic I'm driving is minuscle [...]


As I promised myself that I would be posting the next part of the Mobile CPA Traffic Source Guide earlier, here I'm posting the details of the so called guide next in series. The majority of Mobile marketers out there still think that the traffic source they use is the ultimate and the same traffic sources are being used by the experts who misguide them that they are raking $xxxx every day. But the truth is the gameplay is completely different when it comes to moneymakers and moneyrakers in affiliate marketing. Those who indulge in high returns never ever look into the smaller and cheaper blind ad networks. Well I will come to that later. In my last post Mobile CPA : Traffic Source Guide V1  I had mentioned different type of [...]


To All the people who purchased the ebook on Amazon or smashwords or createspace or anywhere, have been asking me the source code of the game. When I had published the book, my game was not completely built and also the issue of not finding a method to share the source code to my book readers was bugging me. So I had not put any link in the book or even on my blog. Its already more than a quarter that I published my ebook and I'm happy to see that still there are people who download my book by purchasing. I'm grateful to them for this service to my hard work. Hence I thought that I will publish the source code of my book freely now as a thanking [...]


For a million years, if you go to Affiliate forums where people brag freely about themselves and show off $5 - $50 gain loss screenshots, you will never get the details what runs where.All that they will sweetly advice you is to keep running your campaigns, keep spending money and to learn yourselves. I recently left one of the forums, as I couldn't get what I expected, with respect. But one thing that still bothers me is those noobs out there who are struggling to earn a single dollar  who cannot pay hundreds per month for VPS, hundreds together per month for campaign running, and hundreds to maintain their subscription to analytics,tracking, and all those junkets of scripts and services. There have been hundreds of ad networks that have come and [...]


I have been into Mobile marketing for a while and have seen different networks behave differently with different type of offers. One thing that every new comer faults is in choosing the correct network to load and run the offers. The first thing everyone does is, 1. Go to the Offer Network (I mean CPA network like YeahMobile,FurtherMobile, blah blah ) and Pick an offer X that they say s performing well. 2. Go to the adnetwork Y, load their bucket with $25,$50 or even $100  or whatever. 3. Create a Campaign with the network provided banners, or use the one modified by themselves creating a fake landing page. 4. Trigger START. Voila happy to be a Mobile Marketing expert in an hour. And the 5th hour comes such that [...]


VOLUUM  is the new tracking tool which is making lot of noise in the affiliate marketing industry. The sophistication of tracking one has to learn from VOLUUM. May be I'm exaggerating too much. Well coming to the fact that CPA campaigns or any sort of campaigns need tracking and analytics for analysing the traffic and scaling the campaign to drive more revenue, VOLUUM helps AM's a lot. In my case I'm affiliated with Peerfly, KMA and few others. KMA provides lot of Mobile offers with very high payment per offer completion. If anyone want to signup with KMA, welcome to signup under me and I would definitely help them scale their one campaign. Using Voluum, you can do A/B split testing with same url, also run variate offer URL's and [...]


For godsake android developers are left in lurch to find out what the problem is when it comes to cocos2d-x, and even though people say few things here and there, nothing works finally and developers end up in dropping the source code in search of new way to develop the games. One thing that comes to mind when we thing of android build is the Android.MK file that resides in the jni folder. The problems we face as android cocos2d-x developers is that, we have to 1. Everytime a new game is created, it copies whole cocos2dx folder to the game folder, making it a huge burden. 2. For every new class file added, we have to add the cpp file name into the Android.MK file to make the build pick [...]


Just recieved mail from Apptopia, on the sale of all my games. Uploading the asstes now. Here's the mail. Get excited. The buyer has committed to buying your app, and signed our Purchase and Sale Agreement. However, we have not received payment yet. This usually takes 2 to 3 days, as we are working with bank wires. As soon as we have the full payment in escrow we will contact you and immediately begin the transfer process. You can follow the transfer process here: Transaction Center In order to not slow down the process we need you to upload a .Zip File of your code / app assets as soon as possible. Things You Will Need to Include: Art assets (psd, etc) used to create app images All app project files [...]


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