How to Run Incentive App Campaigns successfully.

Lot of Incentive Apps are available to promote in Incentive networks such as Cpagrip, Cpalead, Cpaway, Brusmedia,, Adscendmedia,Adgatemedia and so on.
Most of the affiliates choose to run those incentive campaigns either with youtube or instagram.
Lot of affiliates have found success in running those offers with youtube, but it may not be always worthy
and profitable with YouTube since the advertising policies keep changing often and there are possibilities that
your video may be removed or banned or brought down by the youtube for breaching the policies.

One of the successful way to run Incentives is to run them through Offerwalls by rebrokering them or to create
ones own offer-wall app and promote them.…

Promoting Cpa Offer : case study Step-by-step Video Tutorial

Almost every CPA marketing newbie longs for a way to cut through all the information, hype and confusion when they’re getting started. Marketing forums are full of newbies asking – no, begging – for someone to guide them through the steps of running their first campaign, so they can learn and earn.

If you’re one of those newbies, you’re in luck! Why? Because we are offering you exact, step-by-step instructions in the videos below.

Follow these guides to set up your first campaign from start to finish. You can stop at each step to set things up as you’ve been shown but we recommend that you watch a video all the way through then go back and replicate each step.…

Top 7 cash generating scripts for your Landing Page

What are Cash Generating Scripts ?

Cash generating scripts are the fragments of code placed in your landing page that increases the visibility,monetary value and targeting goal of the offer. Below are the important 7 scripts that we have used in our landing pages earlier to generate high roi and ctr for our offers.

1. Popup Script.

Creating a popup alert using a piece of JavaScript will trigger a popup modal or window in you landing page when it loads.

  alert("Hi I'm your popup");

2. Audio Script.

When the page loads, some landing pages need to trigger a danger/warning audio e.g for Antivirus Page.…

AffiliateFix Forums : A forum moderated by a veteran hooligan T J Tutor.


hooliganˈhuːlɪɡ(ə)n/Submitnouna violent young troublemaker, typically one of a gang.

“a drunken hooligan”synonyms: hoodlum, thug, lout, delinquent, tearaway, vandal, ruffian, rowdy, troublemaker; More


To purposefully violate the terms of a forum or a community is a blatant blunder one could commit to get an immedate ban.But sharing a translated , freely downloadable, non english script is nothing but a small contribution to the community.

When someone calls you names and even goes on to say this ” You were not offering a landing page, you ware offering a tracker. A tracker you claimed you had stolen the script from a Russian an rewrote and then renamed.…

How to avoid ban from Facebook

Lot of people get banned on Facebook nowadays due to abnormal usage of advertising. Lets focus today on how to avoid ban from Facebook today.

Creating new accounts for advertising is an integral part of working with Facebook. Create an account that does not cause suspicion – it’s expensive, so you need to work in the other direction – to minimise the risks of locks.

It is worthwhile to understand that there are many methods of working with FB. These are just some of the developments that will reduce the risk of ban.

Use this checklist to work with Facebook to minimize your costs.…

Top 4 Tracking Solutions for Zero Dollar Affiliates.

In our earlier research on Mobile Campaign Tracking Solutions,  , I had discussed about the sophisticated tracking solutions which are only paid.Today let us deep dive into the Top 4 Tracking Solutions for Zero Dollar Affiliates.

Kindly note that my english may be half baked ,so kindly excuse. Well everyone will understand that shakespear will not be born again.

BeMob Tracker

A new cloud-based traffic tracking platform called BeMob has surfaced, that helps in effective management of advertising campaigns.

BeMob helps to manage your ad campaigns, identify the most profitable traffic sources, measure your landing pages’ performance and provide highly detailed real-time reports.…

Free Android Game Source Codes

Download Android Game Source Codes for free

Long time, I mean to say around 2-3 years back i was into mobile game development and had time to collect a lot of Android Game Source codes to learn the programming techniques involved.Although there are lot of Android Game Source codes free available for sale online, the free ones give good insight into a newbies  view of how game programming is done, by leaving lot of blank routines and incomplete game screens.

By studying the way the games have been programmed, one can learn and try to complete the game in order to make it a complete one.

Here I have added few of the games I collected , but please note first.…

200 Top Headlines For Your Native Blog.

Native Advertising and Arbitration is the trend these days, that was once considered a spammers blog. Yup well once Google used to Limit the number of ads on a site to 3. Now these sites such as have made it a trendsetters that spam sites are the best money makers.

Although I do not own any spam sites, or plan to build them, here I found a good article listing top 200 log headline templates, that can help you build a top Native arbitration blog or what I mean spam blog.

Top 200 Blog Headline templates

1. ___ ____ reasons to use

Top 10 Mobile CPA Tracking Solutions

Mobile CPA Tracking forms the backbone of any Mobile Campaign. Here today we list the top ten quality tracking solutions out in the market. All of the listed scripts are recommended for any Affiliate Marketer. I will be focusing only on Mobile and would recommend them for all Mobile Affiliates who promote offers like App Installs, PIN Submits, Sweepstakes or even APK downloads.

I simply highlighted the importance of Trackers in Mobile Campaigns when I wrote a brief tutorial about Voluum Tracker, now I give you the list of top Mobile CPA Tracking solutions in the market. Almost all of them are paid though.…

Poor Mans CPA Tracking Script – TraqJack (Aka CPA TRACKER).

Well In my process of teaching few noobs How To Get Started in Mobile CPA for Under $100, I always point them to download a good CPA tracking script before  I gave them lot of tips and tricks to find zero cost tools and cheap sources that would serve the purpose that they need at the beginning before getting on to the big road.

Creating campaigns, tracking offers, landing pages, ISP, Country, region, state, city, visits, roi, epc, cpc, cpm, cpi, profit,loss,browser,platform,operating system blah blah blah , not everyone wants these type of stuff once at a time other than those affiliate marketers those are running campaigns on various adnetworks.…