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Well I feel very apologetic to my blog readers that I have not been active for so long due to lot of things. I was involved in setting up and promoting few local startups for which i have been a mentor and just finished my contract with them on a high NOTE ( I think everyone can understand that NOTE). Although Mobile has been my primary area of marketing expertise, I wanted to prove my wit in different area for myself for a good NOTE value. And for my luck I was successful in that and now I'm relieved to be back in action and again in mobile. I happened to get a good promotion in my work too and now I moved to UK for an year on a [...]


Well well well, the most confusing part of running a campaign is under discussion, now.I urge all audience to observe pin drop silence while I address this issue to my satisfaction. Whenever we take up an offer in general, it may be any type of offer, we think what should I do?? 1. Should I create a Landing page for this offer? 2. Should I create a custom banner? 3. Should I just  use direct link ?. We have seen most of the PRO's and GURU's advice to use landing pages for a safer and worthy campaign. But will that apply everywhere?? In Mobiles too?? This is a big question that revolves on the head everytime we create a new campaign. As I have mentioned in one of the previous [...]

The Codejacks Mobile Guild is closed, and not accepting any more members. Note: By the above statement, it doesn't mean that subscription for the program is closed, but the program itself has gone free, and as a good gesture all my members are being refunded the full amount they paid. Also all the posts that were member only are being made public.


Most of the cases when we are running campaigns, and providing info to the community on the case, with exhaustive case studies, how much ever the case study may be worth, the people keep on asking about traffic sources. As evident from most of the posts, people really do get shunned by the first answer the follow along campaign runners tell them when they are asked about the traffic source. Its perfectly right for them, that the traffic source they may be using is highly worth for them, but its too childish to ask them about that. I will give my reasons, as I too was the same childish dude once. 1. Adnetworks having premium traffic have limited publishers. 2. If the same network is used by 100 advertisers, lot [...]


I dont know , but I'm more fond of coding than doing calculations or sitting back and relaxing. I was planning to setup my next campaigns on a rather peculiar budget lines with the support of one of my contacts, and she mentioned that Antivirus with app pages and hack pages performs well. So for last 4-6 hours I was sitting in front of the PC working on monaca, to rig up these pages .Although these are not cent percent my children, this are really mine to say now.   All of these are the existing top performing antivirus offer landing pages, that actually have popup alerts in them, but I had to remove them for testing.    


As most Marketing Guru's here have mentioned time to time, that you need to have an angle in running your offers, nobody should forget their advice. I recently connected with my AM and got to know that one of the games was really going to be big as they were expecting high line of credit from the customer. So before they could launch the campaign, I started creating my own landing pages and here is the one that rocked like hell for me.     Just Click on the Image to Download the nice landing page.


When I started running Mobile App Install Offers I was only aware of one network that was BuzzCity as mentioned in one of the blackhat WSO's. Then I started with lot of ad-networks with trial and error to test the traffic and failed miserably with my offers. To be frank, I have already spent nearly more than $2k in Ad spends, most of them for mere testing purpose to make sure what works on what networks. I then classified them based on the performance I obtained from running my offers on them.   1. App Install Offer 2. Web CPA Email Submit Offer (Mobile Optimized). 3. Sweepstake Offer (IPhone offer). 4. Mobile WAP Pin Submit Offer 5. Mobile 1-Click Offer. And once we find the winner and type of offer [...]


In most of the WAP based Mobile offers, we need to create a landing page in order to optimize the traffic based on various parameters that affect the conversion rates. For Android offers , irrespective of Antivirus,Booster,Appinstall  offers, one thing that makes a big impact is the device model. The main reason being there are thousands of Android Devices Manufacturers. Why Do we need to detect the Device Model ? Although all android devices run on same OS, the cost,performance,quality of each device varies by Model, and the category of people who use based on cost, quality,performance varies with that. E.g People who chose a basic X model only use it for chatting or making calls, and they do not download heavy games. And people who chose a high end [...]


Tracking Link A tracking link is the link that users will be directed to when they click on your ads. It’s a redirect link, which means that the user will first be directed to your tracking site. Then, after your tracking system has collected the necessary information, a script will redirect them to the page that you specify (an offer page or your own website) Affiliate Link This is the link that will send the user to the offer that you are promoting. You’ll get it from your affiliate network. It will have specific information that tells your network to give you credit for the clicks and any conversions or sales. You’ll plug your affiliate link into any third party tracking system you have, and the tracker will ultimately send [...]


In My Premium Post  "How to select Mobile AppInstall Offers to Promote??"  I had mentioned what type of App Install offers to select and how to analyse them. Note that each and every persons intuition says different when selecting a Affiliate Offer for promoting. I derive my ideas on basis of two well said quotes I learnt from one of the blogs (Sorry I don't remember). 1. High paying offers with low volume traffic. 2. Low paying offers with high volume traffic. So whichever Offers I pick always follows the first idea outlined.

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